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To calculate the Rallybound fees and payment processor fees, do the following:

  1. Check out the donation options tab for your fee percentage.
  2. Run the transactions report to see what the processing fee was charged for a transaction.
  3. Divide the total processing fee charged by the transaction amount to get your total percentage. You would see the processing fees column in the report. Example: If the transaction amount is $150 and the processing fees on it is $10.5, then by dividing 10.5/150 = 0.07. So your processing percentage is 0.07 or 7%.
  4. Rallybound fees are 4% of the transaction. Hence, the processing % will be 4% + x%, where x is the processing charge that your payment processor charges for each transaction. Subtract Rallybound fees 4% from the total percentage : 7%-4% = 3%: This is your payment processor's processing fees.

Please note, you can also get the payment processor's processing fees from the accounts you have with them (WePay/Stripe etc account).