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With its livestream feature, administrators can allow fundraisers to embed livestreams into their fundraising pages with just a few clicks. Along with this, administrators can:

  • Prompt fundraisers to add a livestream in the fundraiser task list
  • Track which fundraisers added a livestream in reports
  • Configure triggers based on whether a fundraiser added a livestream

For all the details, continue reading below.


The livestream feature itself is a paid upgrade. To configure livestreaming for your organization, please contact our customer success team at

Enable Livestreams for Fundraisers

To allow fundraisers and team captains to add livestreams to their personal and team fundraising pages, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Admin at
  2. Navigate to the entity (organization, group, or campaign) on which you'd like to configure this setting. Click here to learn more about inherited settings.
  3. Click the "Fundraising" tab
  4. In the ensuing "Fundraising Settings" tab, scroll down to the "Livestream" section
  5. To allow fundraisers to add livestreams, enable the setting "Fundraisers can add livestream to their fundraising page"
  6. To enable or disable embedding chat, toggle the setting "Fundraisers can embed chat into their livestream". Some notes:
    • The chat feature is available for Twitch and YouTube streams
    • Disabling this feature does not disable chat in Twitch or YouTube, it just prevents fundraisers from embedding the chat box in their fundraising page
    • For organizations that may have sensitivity around what kinds of comments they want to allow on pages in their fundraising site, this setting prevents all chat comments from appearing in the livestream. Note also that the stream provider may offer chat moderation tools to individual streamers.

That's it! Now fundraisers will be able to embed livestreams in their fundraising page! To learn more about how this is done, click here.

It is possible to require fundraisers to agree to a waiver before they may embed a livestream on their page. To configure this, please contact us.

Homepage Widget

Administrators can enable a widget on their campaign's homepage that displays up to three fundraising page cards of fundraisers who currently have a livestream embedded on their page. The widget also links to a page within the campaign that displays all fundraising page cards of fundraisers who currently have a livestream embedded on their page. Note that neither the widget nor the page differentiates between live vs offline livestreams.

The "Livestream Fundraisers" widget is available to enable in Site Builder.

Task List

Administrators can prompt fundraisers to add a livestream to their fundraising page through a task list item. The task list item links directly to the interface within which fundraisers add livestreams to their page. Once a livestream is added, the task list item is marked as done and counts towards the task list completion percentage. To add the livestream task list item, follow these steps:

  1. Follow steps 1-3 above.
  2. Click the "Task List" tab
  3. Enable the list item "Add a livestream to fundraising page"
  4. Order the livestream list item as desired

The livestream task list item appears in the fundraiser's dashboard as "Add a livestream to my page". To customize this text, please contact our support team.


Administrators can report on which fundraisers added livestreams to their page. This is a true/false record: if a fundraiser added a livestream to their page at any time, even if they later removed it, they are marked as having added a livestream. This information can be found in the column "Connected Livestream" in the following locations:

  • People > Registrants grid (unhide the column by clicking the down icon on any column header, then clicking "Columns", then selecting the relevant column name)
  • Registrants with Reg Fields, Donation and Contacts Summary Report
  • Fundraisers with Donation and Contacts Summary
  • Teams with Summary


Triggers, such as automated emails or badges, can be sent or awarded on the basis of whether a fundraiser added a livestream to their page. To configure a livestream trigger, please contact our support team.