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Rallybound allows organizations to manage different security roles for each administrator across an organization, groups, and campaigns. 


An administrator always possesses the security role on the group they've been added to and all groups and campaigns within that group. For example, adding an administrator to the organization level will add that administrator, with their security role, to all campaigns within the organization. Additionally, if different security roles are applied to multiple direct parents of a single campaign or entity, the permissions of those roles are aggregated so that the administrator has the most expansive permissions from the combination of the assigned roles.

To add a security role to an administrator in the Administrators interface, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Admin at
  2. Navigate to the Organization tab in the header, which directs to the Administrators tab
  3. Click on the desired administrator from the list
  4. Under "Add to Campaigns", select a campaign from the list or type in the campaign name to search
  5. Next, select the Security Role you wish to give from the drop-down next. Here you can select the security roles you have created in the Security Roles tab.
  6. Click the green plus button to add this role to the campaign selected
  7. To add to another campaign, follow the same steps again.