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You can add a page to your website using the Site Builder. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your website while logged in as an administrator
  2. Click "Enable Editing" in the top bar
  3. Click the menu icon to reveal the navigation menu editor
  4. Click the "+" button in the top right of the dropdown
  5. Select "Create New Page"
  6. Add a page title and URL for your new webpage. The URL text you choose will follow the path "/static" for any page you create, so it will look something like: "".
  7. Click "Add"
  8. Click "Publish" in the top right of the Site Builder bar. This is important: if you skip this step, your changes will not be saved.
  9. Do you want your page to appear in the navigation menu?
    1. If yes, simply leave it as is or drag and drop the new navigation item into the correct location
    2. If not, click the "x" or eye icon that appears on your new navigation item to remove it from your navigation menu list

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