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The Admin features a search bar that searches all groups, campaigns, donors, registrants, donations, and teams in the organization. Just type your search query and press enter to return your results. The results are grouped by type as listed above. Each result will be displayed alongside its location — be it campaign (for records) or group (for campaigns), along with some more identifying information for both the record and location. Clicking on the search result directs to that record in its location.

Some queries that can be used in global search:

  1. Exact ID of group, campaign, registrant (member ID or goal ID), donor (member ID), team, or donation — this is a great way to quickly search and jump to a specific campaign or record
  2. Name (complete or partial) of group, campaign, registrant (including company name), donor, or team
  3. Email address (complete or partial) of registrant or donor
  4. Campaign URL, location, or custom field (complete or partial)
  5. Donation amount