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It is possible to generate a link to any destination in the Fundraiser Dashboard that will direct any fundraiser to the correct destination within their dashboard. If the fundraiser is logged out, they will be redirected through login and then to the correct destination. The full list of dashboard URL destinations is below. 

This list assumes the URL base of the placeholder {{ Campaign.Dashboard_URL }}. This placeholder resolves to the campaign URL appended by "/dashboard", which directs to the given campaign's dashboard. The URL paths listed below should be appended to that base in order to generate a fully dynamic link that works for any fundraiser on any campaign.

TypeDestinationURL Path
Dashboard TabsDashboardnone or ?tab=Dashboard
My Page (within dashboard)?tab=MyPage
Contact Book?tab=ContactBook


My Info (for Role Registration)?tab=MyInfo
My Team?tab=Team
Recommitment form (if configured)?tab=Recommitment
My Events (event listings, if configured)?tab=MyEvents
My Team Events (event listings, if configured)?tab=MyTeamEvents
Custom tabs?tab=[TabName]
Popup Windows (initiated from dashboard tab)Edit goal popup initiated?pop=editGoalPop
Offline donation form popup initiated?pop=enterDonationPop