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At Rallybound, we take the security and integrity of our system very seriously. It is the unfortunate reality that unprotected donation pages are sometimes seen as prime targets for criminals to test the validity of stolen credit card information. To thwart such activity, Rallybound forms support the most advanced reCAPTCHA functionality available. This allows clients to determine the level of security they would like to apply to their forms to prevent malicious activity across the system.

For this purpose, Rallybound utilizes reCAPTCHA, both v2 and v3, creating a system that is simultaneously very secure and simple for users, maximizing security while minimizing interface hurdles donors might be required to go through. To start, reCAPTCHA v3 runs in the background on many Rallybound pages, assigning a score to the user that identifies their likelihood of being human as they navigate the site. If the user has a high probability of being a human, they will never need to verify their identity through the interface, thereby maximizing conversions. If the user is perceived to be a risk, they will be presented with reCAPTCHA v2 challenges at most Rallybound forms they encounter, thereby maximizing the security of your website and integrity of your data. Click here for information about reCAPTCHA.

Additionally, this feature was built to be individualized to the needs of each nonprofit, who are able to determine the security level they would want to implement. For example, an organization can choose to display reCAPTCHA v2 challenges for every donation and registration, or they can choose to display reCAPTCHA v2 challenges only if the user receives a poor v3 score, the value of which is also configurable. To prevent fraudulent activity across the system, sites come pre-configured with a default reCAPTCHA sensitivity level. To strengthen the reCAPTCHA implementation for your Rallybound sites, please contact Rallybound Support. Note that the Rallybound security team might implement stronger parameters on individual sites if fraudulent activity is detected.


The reCAPTCHA v2 interface challenges may appear on the following forms on your Rallybound site:

  • Donation
  • Donation Lightbox
  • Registration (Role Registration only)
  • Login
  • Contact


As part of their terms and conditions, reCAPTCHA requires that their logo be displayed on any site that integrates with their technology. As such, every Rallybound site includes a reCAPTCHA logo in the footer (right next to the GoDaddy site seal). If the reCAPTCHA logo does not appear in the footer, it will appear as a floating tab at the bottom right of the browser window. If your site displays the floating tab and you'd like to place the logo in the footer instead, please contact us to make this change.