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The Form Field object contains information related to a custom field that was submitted in any form.

Availability: The Form Field object is available when calling it through another object which has custom fields, such as registrations, donations, or tickets.

Attributes: The Form Field object has the following attributes:

  • Form_Field.Name

  • Form_Field.Api_Name
  • Form_Field.Label

  • Form_Field.Value


Returns an array of Form Field objects—all the custom fields applicable to the relevant object. Use an array filter or iteration tag to display the desired information.


Returns the field name. This is the same as Form_Field.Label.


Returns the field's API name. The API name is unique, so you can be sure there are no duplicates when using API name.


Returns the field label. This is the same as Form_Field.Name.


Returns the value submitted for this field.