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One of the best ways to equip your fundraisers with the knowledge needed to run a successful campaign is to show them how. While many people would prefer to read instructions, there are others that would prefer to watch a short video walking them through functional aspects of the site.

Rallybound has created a "Fundraiser Series" of videos that walk fundraisers through the functional use of Rallybound tools. Please note, these tools are intended for the NONPROFIT. They're great to get your team familiar with the use of the system but we would ask that branded videos are created on your end for your fundraisers to watch. 

Fundraiser Series Playlist (These are specific to the Fundraisers HQ, which is a different view from the Fundraisers Dashboard, released in Dec- 2017)

You can easily create your own video by using any screenshare software. Please review various options and find the right fit for your nonprofit.

Once you have your video series complete, you can add the link within the Fundraisers HQ:

You can also add the link as an HQ Task:

Disclaimer: Rallybound does not offer front line support to Fundraisers. We believe it's vital for the nonprofit to equip their fundraisers with the knowledge and tools to be effective and aim to help accomplish that but the ultimate onus of responsibility will fall on the nonprofit.