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The Endurance_Goal object contains information related the progress towards an Endurance Challenge logged by a fundraiser, or aggregated by a team or campaign.

Availability: The Endurance_Goal object is implemented on the Campaign, Team, and User objects, and is available within those objects in the following emails:

  • Registration Confirmation
  • Registration Invite
  • Fundraiser Goal Reached
  • Team Goal Reached

Attributes: The Endurance_Goal object has the following attributes:

  • Endurance_Goal.Goal_Amount
  • Endurance_Goal.Progress_Amount
  • Endurance_Goal.Activity_Count
  • Endurance_Goal.Amount_To_Goal


Returns the goal amount for the campaign, team, or fundraiser.


Returns the amount progressed toward the challenge metric as defined by the challenge.


Returns the number of activities logged on the campaign or team, or by the fundraiser.


Returns the progress amount still required to reach the endurance goal.