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Donations can be marked as pledges in Rallybound. This allows organizations to identify donations that weren't yet received and report on them. Donations are marked as pledges in the donation record in the Admin. Note that marking a donation as a pledge does not affect whether they appear in fundraising totals. 

There are two ways a donation might be submitted as a pledge:

  1. A fundraiser entering an offline donation chooses "Pledge" as the donation type.
  2. An administrator selects the "Pledge" checkbox when entering a donation in the Admin.

In either of these two scenarios, a dedicated pledge autoresponder is sent to the donor (provided the donation was entered with the donor's email address). This autoresponder is accessible in the Admin (on a campaign entity), under Email > Automated Emails > Donation Pledge Confirmation.

Some notes:

  • The email is sent regardless of whether the donation is verified. To differentiate verified vs. unverified pledges in the email message, use placeholder {{Donation.Is_Verified}}.
  • Like regular donations, pledges count towards fundraising goals unless they are not verified.
  • The email is not sent when an existing donation is marked as a pledge.