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Rallybound allows you to offer discount codes to new registrants or ticket purchasers, allowing them to register to attend an event for free, or for a discounted price. Discount codes features:

  • Limit the amount of times a single code may be used
  • Discount by an absolute dollar amount (e.g., $3.00), or by percentage (e.g., 35%)
  • Activate and deactivate codes on preset dates
  • Limit the discount code to apply to registration, specific registration fields AND/OR to ticket purchases
    Note: discount codes cannot be applied selectively to options within a single field (e.g., multi-select or multiple choice fields), rather they must be applied to the entire registration field with all its included options.
  • Enable a code for users who are registering above a certain amount of people

Please note that discount codes do not apply to each ticket purchased when you purchase multiple of the same tickets.

Discount Codes are found in the Admin under the Forms tab. For a how-to on creating and managing discount codes, click here