How can we help?

Step 1: Personal Information

  • Enter your information and click “Next”.

Step 2: Team Options

  1. Select your team options:

    1. To fundraise without a team, click “Solo”.

    2. To join an existing team, select “Join Team”.

      1. Search for the team you’d like to join by typing the team name or clicking “see list” and selecting the team name.

    3. To create a team, click “Create Team”.

      1. Type your team name

      2. Enter a fundraising goal for your team to collectively raise

      3. Click “Create Team”

Step 3: Detailed Information

  1. Enter your own personal fundraising goal.

  2. If you will be attending an event, select “Physical Walker” in “Walker Type”. If you will only be fundraising online, select “Virtual Walker”.

    1. If you selected “Physical Walker”, select any relevant options (e.g., shirt size, volunteering options).

  3. If you are creating or joining a team, and you want to add more members to your team, click “Add More Walkers”. A new row will appear below your name.

    1. Enter the new team member’s name.

    2. If the new team member will be fundraising online, select “Yes” for “Fundraising Tools”. This account will be a managed account.

      1. Enter the new team member’s email and personal fundraising goal.

    3. If the new team member will be attending the physical event, select “Physical Walker” for “Walker Type”.

      1. Select relevant options (e.g., shirt size, volunteering options).

    4. To add more team members, repeat from step 5.

  4. If applicable, read the waiver, and select “Agree to waiver”.

  5. Select “Continue”. 

Step 4: Billing

  1. Enter any discount codes you may have.

  2. To make a personal donation to your own fundraiser, click “+Add Additional Donation”.

  3. Enter your billing information.

  4. Click “Complete Registration”.

  5. You now have the option of sharing to social media, or continuing to get your fundraiser started.