How can we help?

To configure your site to allow Champion campaigns, you will need to contact Rallybound support. Please familiarize yourself with the Champion campaigns feature by reading all the Champion articles in this section before contacting us.

Configuration Details

Once your campaign is configured, any fundraiser who registers for the given campaign will be able to create one or multiple Champion campaigns. See here for how to create Champion campaigns. In the creation process, fundraisers are able to base their campaign on one of multiple predefined templates that are configured in the admin in advance. Additionally, all Champion campaigns will be created in a specified group in the admin (though they may be moved manually after they are created). As such, before contacting support to enable this feature, please follow these steps:

  1. Identify which campaign/s will allow its fundraisers to create Champion campaigns.
  2. Create and name a group which will house all templates from which fundraisers can choose when creating their Champion campaign. 
    • Configure these campaigns as desired — keep in mind that Champion campaigns that use these templates will initially be identical to them. 
    • Keep these campaigns delisted; otherwise they will show up on the platform as bona fide campaigns.
    • After Champion campaigns have been configured, you will want to add a "Template Image" in the Media Library (towards the bottom of the page) of the template campaigns. This image will be displayed to the fundraiser when they choose which template to replicate. The image should be 166x132 pixels. 

  3. Create and name a group which will be used to house all Champion campaigns.

Similarly, when contacting support to enable this feature, we will need you to specify the same preferences:

  1. Which campaign/s should be configured to allow its fundraisers to create Champion campaigns.
  2. Which group should house the Champion templates.
  3. Which group should house all Champion campaigns. 

Tip: It is advised to apply a Master Template to the group that houses the Champion campaigns. In this way, administrators will be able to easily change elements of all Champion campaigns.

Once Champion campaigns have been configured, a new security role will appear in the Org Admin's Security Roles tab, called "Champion". This role is editable but not deletable, and determines the security level of all Champions across the organization. This role should be configured to provide Champions with requisite permissions to accomplish what they would be expected to accomplish. Click here to view the default settings for this role.