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By default, Rallybound's donation forms allow individuals to submit donations. However, they can be configured to accept company contributions as well. When configured, the donor will be able to tick a checkbox to indicate that this is a company contribution, after which they will be able to enter the company name. Upon submission, the donation will then be classified as a company contribution in the admin panel, and will sync appropriately to any integrated CRMs.


The donor will still be required to submit their name with the company contribution.

The donation will display on the website under the donor's name, not the company name. However, administrators can give donors the ability to display the donation under the company name by enabling Donor Display Name. Click here to learn more.

To configure your donation form to accept company contributions, navigate to Campaign Settings in the admin panel, and under "Donation Options", enable the setting "Allow donors to identify their donation as a company donation". The relevant checkbox will then automatically appear on your donation form.