To activate Tribute Fields you will first need to let Rallybound know the campaign you want the Tribute Fields to appear on. We will have these added to the back-end.

Once they are added enter the Campaign Admin > Form Builder and expand the form titled “Tribute”.

Tribute Fields include the following sections:

  • Notifications (if you want to provide a description or help text regarding notifying another person)
  • Notify via Email + eCards – sending out an email notifying someone a donation has been made IHO/IMO. You can also upload images and include eCards as part of this functionality.
  • Notify via Mail + Cards – including a physical address so a person can be notified through a letter. You can also upload images that represent physical cards to be sent out. Please note, the physical notification must be managed by the Non-Profit.

For the form section you would like to activate ensure it states “Active” on the far right. If it is “Inactive” click on the form and it will expand.

Here you can include activate/deactivate, include a title/description, choose to have the section expanded by default, modify the wording or messaging, add images or additional fields.

This is what the view will look like on the front of the page.

For more information on e-Cards please see this article.