Matching Gifts

Adding Matching Gifts to your fundraising campaign or standalone donation or ticketing page is easy. The first thing you will need to do is partner with a company for Matching Gifts. There are many out there but the ones RallyBound generally works with are below:

Once you have a matching gifts partner they will provide you with an embed code that RallyBound will place on our site. Common places this would exist are:

Navigation Bar

Fundraisers Dashboard as a “To Do”

“Thank you” confirmation pop-up after a donation is made

Donation Confirmation Auto-Responders

But these are just some examples. You can place the link wherever you want and then we can direct to that page for your donor to search the database and see if they can double their donation.

If you switch vendors at anytime all we need is the code from your new partner and where the code currently lives and/or where you want it to live.