Rallybound recently released a great new feature that rolls user information onto an organization level. This means if a fundraiser has registered for multiple campaigns within one non-profit, a master record will be created of their address information, password, email address and profile image. For the non-profit this limits the propensity that multiple addresses are entered.

This is the view a fundraiser will see after they log-in, (which can be done by clicking on the log-in/sign-in button on the far right). Once a fundraiser has signed in they will see their profile image where the log-in/sign-in button previously existed.  


If a fundraiser has multiple pages for a non-profit, they can click on their circle profile image to be taken back to this view from their Fundraisers HQ. This will also allow the fundraiser to log-out.

Immediately next to the circle profile image is a small rectangular box. Clicking on this box will allow the fundraiser to toggle between multiple campaigns. A view for both is shown below.


The name of the campaign that appears is the “Header” they enter when setting up their page. It is important for the non-profit to stress changing the header, so the fundraiser can easily identify which page each represents.

The fundraiser will have the ability to update their profile image and edit their email and physical address and password from this view. This can be done by clicking on the word “PROFILE” represented by the #1 below.


When clicking on “My Campaigns” the fundraiser has another way to view and access their personal fundraising campaigns. This view will display the personal fundraising campaigns as cards.

Notice where the arrow is pointing; this value is the header. As mentioned above, it’s very important that the fundraiser modify the header as if the header was the same for each campaign they would not easily be able to identify which campaign each card represents.

*For administrators who choose to replicate campaigns at the end of each year instead of relaunching (see article here) please be aware that all campaigns the fundraiser has registered for, including delisted campaigns, will appear here. To eliminate confusion, we recommend “ending a campaign” once your new campaign has been launched. Contact Support if this is unclear.

 The third tab, titled “Notifications” will allow a fundraiser to opt in and out of emails being sent through Rallybound. This includes all “Admin Emails” and “Auto-Responders”, (which includes registration confirmation and donation receipts). Please ensure your fundraisers are aware of the types of emails they will be opting out of.


If you have any questions regarding this article please contact us.

Video Tutorial can be accessed here