Below is a description of the various ID's found within reports.

Campaign Name
ID given for each donation that occurs
ID given for each registration record created
ID Associated with a payment. There can be one Payment ID for several transactions (multiple donations and registrations)
Refunded PaymentID
ID Associated with a refunded payment. When a refund occurs there will be a Payment ID and a Refunded Payment ID issues.
Recurring Donation ID
ID Associated with a recurring donation
ID/code that comes back from the processor after a transaction. Similar to the Payment ID where it can be tied to more than one transaction (donation/registration) but indicates the transaction took place at one time.
Donor UserAccountID

ID associated with a donor.
ID Associated with a useraccount. This is anyone in the system: donor, registrant or contact. This is different from a registrant or donor ID. This is the universal ID given to a contact across an organization. 
ID associated with a fundraiser.
ID Associated with a goal
ID Associated with a team
Team's Goal ID
Donation To GoalID
A Goal ID to whom the donation was credited.
ID Associated with a ticket.
ID given for each statement, or billing invoice, that goes out.
Global Member ID/Group Member ID
ID given to a fundraiser that spans multiple campaigns and ties back to the client.

On the Registrants report there will be two columns titled "Amount Raised" and "Total Amount Raised". 

  • "Amount Raised" shows you how much they raised excluding reg fees they paid.
  • "Total Amount Raised" shows you how much they have raised including registration fees.