In order to move registrant record or donation record across campaigns, you have to delete the records from the old campaign and add them to the new campaign.

Follow these steps to move the registrant record:

1) Delete/Refund the registration fee associated with this registrant.

2) Remove the registrant from the team if applicable

3) Delete the registrant record from the campaign.

4) Register the fundraiser on the new campaign.

5) During the registration, add the registration fee if applicable.

6) Add the registrant to the new team if applicable.

Follow these steps to move a team:

1) Follow the steps 1-3 above to delete each registrant from the team.

2) If any donations were made to the team directly, reassociate them to the event or delete the donations.

3) Delete the team record from the campaign.

4) Add the team to the new campaign and register all the fundraisers on the team

5) Add any donations back to the team members and to the team.

Follow these steps to move the donation record:

1) Delete the donation from the campaign.

2) Add a new offline donation in the new campaign with the donor details.

3) If you refund the donation back to the donor, the donor would have to make a new donation to the new campaign.