For times when you want to limit access to a fundraiser's page, you can change page access per fundraising page. The different page access options are:

1) Public: appears in lists and search results throughout the site.
2) Delisted: hidden from lists and search results, accessible only with the page link.
3) Inactive: hidden from the website entirely, accessible only by the fundraiser and administrators.

Change a fundraiser's page access by following these steps:

1) Go to admin panel -> People -> Registrant tab

2) Click/Dbl-click on the registrant you want to update. This will display a pop-up display.

3) Click Edit button on the pop-up to start making the changes.

4) Scroll down to "Is Fundraiser" section and select either delisted or inactive from the "Page Access" dropdown.

5) Click on the Save button in the bottom of the pop-up to save the changes.