To set up a Constant Contact integration, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your admin panel (
  2. Click Settings then Integrations in the left sidebar
  3. Check the Constant Contact checkbox
  4. Click "Connect to Constant Contact"
  5. Enter your Constant Contact login information in the ensuing window

Back in the admin panel, make sure the following settings are set to your preference:
  1. Allow pushing from admin reports and grids: Adds the option to manually push multiple records to Constant Contact. This option will be added to the bulk actions dropdown in reports and contact-lists throughout the admin.
  2. Auto push: Pushes new contacts to Constant Contact automatically when they are created. Here you can select which contact types to push to Constant Contact
  3. Auto push details: Map which Constant Contact lists the various contact types will be pushed to
  4. Override existing contacts' info: This option allows you to determine how to resolve conflicts between a pushed contact and one that already exists in your Constant Contact database (the system matches contacts based on the email address). When this option is checked, other fields in the relevant Constant Contact record will be overridden by the fields — which contain information — in the pushed contact.
    Note: this option is only available for auto-push. For manual push, the Constant Contact fields will always be overridden on conflict.