Rallybound allows administrators to track incoming links to determine where registrants and donors are coming from. For example, an administrator can post one link to Facebook and another to Twitter, and track which users registered from which link. 

Here's how to create a Tracking Code: Add "?rbref=" to a URL, followed by the title of your Tracking Code. Example:

Important Notes: 

1. Tracking codes can be a maximum of 25 characters. If a code longer than 25 characters is used, our system will store only the first 25 characters.

2. If there is already a question mark ("?") in the URL, put an ampersand ("&") before "rbref". Example: 

The Tracking Code is tracked throughout a visitor's session on your site (the time of which varies across browsers). It will displayed in the admin reports for registrants and donors, under a column called "Tracking Code".