You don't have to run the entire campaign yourself. Rallybound gives the option to create any number of admin accounts for your campaign. You can also set restrictions so that the new admin account has access only to what you choose. To set up a new admin account, follow these steps:

Creating an Admin Account

  1. Log in to your admin panel (at
  2. Click "Admin Users" in the left sidebar
  3. Click "Add Admin User" at the top of the window
  4. Enter name and email address

Setting Permissions
  1. To set specific permissions, select "Specific permissions"
  2. Each category has "View", "Edit", and "Delete" permissions
  3. Go through the list of permissions and check the permissions you'd like to allow. Here are some items to consider:
  • Donations: ability to view¬†or edit information related to the donation, and delete (=refund) the donation
  • Reports: ability to generate, view, and export reports (all these are included in the view¬†checkbox)
  • Contacts, Donors, Registrants, Teams: ability to view contacts, edit information related to a contact, and delete a contact record
  • Send Emails: ability to send emails through the admin panel (use the edit checkbox)
  • Auto Responders: ability to edit the emails in the auto responders (use the edit checkbox)