Staying in touch with your users is a good tool with which to inspire people to raise even more for your organization. RallyBound allows administrators to send emails directly from the admin panel. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the admin panel
  2. Click "Emails" in the left sidebar
  3. Click "Send Emails" in the left sidebar
  4. Choose recipients — either by class (Donor, Attendee, Fundraiser, Team Captain) or individually
  5. Schedule the email to go out immediately or specify a time in the future for the email to be sent
  6. Choose a template and/or compose the email. Use placeholders to really personalize your message.
  7. You may choose to exclude the email header and/or footer (click here to learn more about the email header and footer)
  8. If you'd like to test your email before it is sent out, click "Test Email" at the top of the window. A test email will be sent to the administrator's email address.
  9. To save the email as a template, click "Save as Template" at the top of the window
  10. When the email is ready to go, click "Send" at the bottom