Rallybound gives administrators the ability to define default content for newly generated team fundraising pages. In this way, for example, when a user creates a team, that team page will automatically display the campaign's marketing video. The team captain will still retain the ability to change any of the default elements on their page.

To modify the default elements on the team fundraising pages:

  1. Log into the admin panel
  2. Click "Site Content" in the left sidebar
  3. Click "Personal Page Defaults"
  4. Within the page, at the bottom of the Team Overview Module (in the right sidebar), click "View Team"

Once on the team page, you can edit the elements as follows:
  • To edit the default welcome message, click “edit” to the right of the welcome message area. You can use team placeholders to personalize the text for each new user.
  • To add a default image or video, click the plus button in the multimedia module.

    Note: Any multimedia added as default for personal fundraising pages are automatically set as default for team fundraising pages as well. However, the reverse does not apply, so that any multimedia added as default for team fundraising pages are not set as default for personal fundraising pages.

  • To delete a default image or video from the multimedia module, click the small “x” on the top right corner of the image or video.
  • To gain the ability to moderate comments throughout the site, click "edit" to the top right of the comments section and enter your facebook user ID.