Admin reports allows administrators to generate, view, customize, and export complex reports to track any element of their campaign (get started with reports here). There are approximately 15 default reports, all revolving around donation and member information. Here are our two most important reports:

  • Donations: information related to donations, including amount, method, date, donor information, and more.
  • Registrants: information related to all registrants (fundraisers and attendees), including contact information, amount raised, email and social network activity, products purchased, and more.

Admin reports sports a tabbed interface, allowing multiple reports to be open at the same time. It features export options to Excel and Rallybound integrations. Reports can be tagged and favorited for easy access. And once a report is run, any amount of customization is possible, by including or excluding columns, moving columns, filtering by certain columns, and grouping specific sets of information together. Many reports also include relevant and customizable charts, be it a line chart or a pie chart, to allow administrators to visualize their information. In this way, admin reports is a powerful tool that puts administrators in control of their information.

If your organization needs a custom report that is not currently available as a default, please contact us.