Using the page editor, fundraisers can edit elements of their personal or team fundraising pages. Currently, the editable elements are:

  • Profile image - To edit the profile image, simply hover over the box and upload a new image to use.
  • Page URL - In the Edit My section, click on the URL icon to change your page URL.
  • Fundraising goal - Change your goal by clicking on the Goal icon in the Edit My section.
  • Welcome message - Edit your "Welcome to My Page" text by clicking on the Welcome Message icon in the Edit My section.
  • Media - To upload a new image/video, click on the big plus button. To delete a default image or video from the multimedia module, click the small “x” on the top right corner of the image or video.
  • Facebook ID - To gain the ability to moderate comments on your page, click Facebook ID in the Edit My section and enter your Facebook user ID (find your Facebook user ID at
  • Banner Image - (Only available on the new template) Simply hover over the banner image to upload a new one.

The fundraising page editor is accessible from the top right of personal and team fundraising pages.

New Template: 

Old Template :