Besides for enabling organizations to charge new registrants for products (like t-shirts, for example), Rallybound also features the ability to sell products to donors.

Ticketing can be configured in the following ways:

  • On a standalone ticketing page (that can be embedded on your site!)
  • On a ticketing site (or microsite), which can be used for a gala, for example
  • On a full-fledged peer to peer fundraising campaign. In this case, the purchase amount can even be allocated towards a fundraiser or team goal. 

The uses for this feature are numerous, but to list just a few:

  • Sell tickets to a gala event, where payment for the ticket is associated with the specific fundraiser who attracted them
  • Sell raffle tickets as part of a fundraising campaign
  • Sell magazines as a part of a fundraising campaign

If you would like to set up ticketing for your campaign, please contact us.