Please follow the below steps to connect your Salesforce CRM to the Rallybound platform. The Rallybound Salesforce app pushes all fundraising data to your database automatically once synced.

1. Log into the Campaign Admin.

To login to the campaign admin you will need to select the appropriate campaign and then hit the gear that states "Admin Panel". 

Alternatively you can double click on the campaign row so the "Admin Panel" appears. You will then see a view similar to the image under item #3.

2. Go to Settings > Integration Options

3. Check the first Salesforce checkbox

4. Click the Salesforce button. 

5. Log into your Salesforce account.

6. Expand the Optional Salesforce Settings.

7. Install the latest Salesforce Rallybound Package (the link appears on the page).

8. Choose the Salesforce package type by using the first drop down.

For a P2P Campaign we have the following Salesforce Integration Guide that will help walk you through the process. 

For Standalone Campaigns (donation and ticketed events) we have a Salesforce Standalone Integration Guide.